Line Array

This concept uses a number of loudspeakers aligned in a vertical array to provide an in phase feed creating a near line source to the listeners. These cabinets are close enough together so there is minimal interference and can provides an evenly distributed sound output pattern. These arrays can provide a long throw effect as well as the traditional horn-loaded speakers. These vertical arrays provide a narrow vertical output pattern that is used for focus of the sound at the audiences without wasting energy. This same array displays a wide horizontal characteristics that is useful for large venue with a large number of people.

Separate drivers are used for at a minimum for the high and low frequencies for a 2 way system or the high, mid and low frequencies for a 3 way system. With the speaker rigged closely together form a column that increases the frequency range and maximum sound pressure level. At the same time, adding cabinet to the array will also lower the frequency response and provide a directional pattern. Sometimes the lower section of these array are curved to increase the dispersion at the bottom of the array and will allow for more coverage to the audience members.


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