JBL offered back in the 70’s the designs for subwoofer cabinets and allowed their dealers to manufacture enclosures. One of the most popular enclosures was the W-Bin which is a folded horn design. The W-Bin design, by D.B. Keele for JBL, enclosures were given the designation W-460 and W-151 and typically loaded with a JBL K-151 18″ drivers.

To extend the frequency range down to 40Hz, this design would have to be in the size 48″ wide x 24″ high x 30″ deep and be ported. This is not portable.

It was found the the W-Bins are better used as a low mid cabinet rather than a subwoofer. These W-Bins had less extended in low frequency compared to a front-loaded or folded horn of a similar size. The horn size is too small to get a  deep bass response.

w-bin-230″w x 25″h x 24″d
Range: 58-500 Hz

At the left is my effort of a W-Bin build.
This cabinet is loaded with a 15″ Speaker
28″w x 20″h x 24″d


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