Cabinet Port Parameters Relationship

What are the effects of the parameters associated with port sizing and the tuning of a ported speaker cabinet? I was using an app on my tablet and thought I would improve on my understanding of these parameters.

Speaker Cabinet Port Parameters Relationship

For explanation, the first port length effect is saying that a decrease in cabinet volume, a decrease in tuning frequency, a increase in port diameter or increase in the number of ports will effect the port length by increasing length requirements of that port.

Port Sizing Parameter Relationship.jpg

As I found some online calculations that can be used for design or to double check yourself as I do from time to time.

Great online calculations for Speaker Design that I recommend.

Calculate Length of Vent or Port
Calculate Volume of Box
Calculate Tunning Frequency
Calculate End Correction Factor

Calculate Minimum Port Vent Diameter
Calculate Maximum Air Volume
Calculate Tuning Frequency

Calculate Enclosure Volume or for Box
Calculate Speaker Total at fs
Calculate Air Compliance

Calculate for Box Enclosure Tuning Frequency
Calculate Speaker Resonance Frequency
Calculate Enclosure Volume or for Box

Lloyd Perkins & PerkAudio’s House of Horns

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